Is Buying a Flood Policy the Right Answer?

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Not necessarily.  A flood policy responds when surface water enters your home. In order for a flood policy to respond to a surface water flood, two things must occur.

  1. The flood event must be declared by FEMA, and
  2. The same flood must affect two or more acres of your property or you and a neighbors’ property.  

A flood policy does not cover contents below ground level other than major equipment to service the home such as your furnace and water heater. A flood policy never responds to seepage of groundwater through basement floors, walls, or an overflow from sewer or water drains. 

The good news is there is coverage you can add to your policy to better protect yourself from seepage of groundwater, a malfunctioning sump pump or backup of sewer or drains: 

Water Backup & Sump Pump Overflow Coverage    Water & sewer drains can back up into your home for a variety of reasons including high water tables, clogged street drains etc.  If you have a sump pump in your basement it can malfunction. Limited coverage is available that can be added to your policy for these circumstances; however, the amount of coverage available varies by company. If your policy includes all risk contents coverage along with the water backup endorsement then you would also have some coverage for any personal belongings damaged by these types of claims. 

Call us today at 888-850-9400 to make sure you have these valuable coverages before a claim occurs.

DisclaimerIf you happen to live in a flood zone, you should consider purchasing a flood policy.


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