Have a Homeowner Claim? Here is what you should do.

March 10, 2011 at 2:55 PM | Posted in Home | 1 Comment
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Homeowner claims come in all shapes and sizes. Some you can handle on your own, but others you may need to call for help. In either situation consider the following:

  • Seek immediate help if necessary (i.e. – call 911 if someone gets hurt on your property, call a plumber for a burst pipe, etc.)
  • Stop any further damage if you can do so safely
  • Call us to report your loss at 888-850-9400.  If the damage occurs after hours, you will be directed to our emergency claim line.
  • Take pictures of the damage, as they can help in the claims process
  • Keep receipts for materials or services 

Please Note:  if any materials are replaced the company may need to see what was replaced before it is discarded (i.e. – replaced appliance because of a lightning strike)

Basic Information You Will Need to Report the Claim

  • Date, time, and description of loss
  • Names of any other parties involved in the loss or in the cleanup after the loss

 How Will This Claim Affect Your Insurance?

All property insurance companies look at how many claims you have filed in the last 3 years to help determine eligibility and the rate you will pay for insurance. 


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  1. Thanks so much for this information. I hope never to have a claim but its good to know what to do if I should!

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