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Since managed competition was introduced in Massachusetts in 2008, insurance companies have been offering better rates and creating incentives for customers who place both their home and auto policies with one company. One such incentive is Hanover’s Household Rewards Program. When you place both your home and auto policies with Hanover this program automatically offers the following for no additional charge:

Mortgage Extra Expense

If your home has a total loss, certain fees are covered up to $1,000. This also pays up to $250 a month for one year for additional interest on your replacement mortgage if the interest rate is higher than the original mortgage for the same principal amount.

Single Loss Deductible

The weight of ice and snow of this past winter resulted in several clients filing claims for collapsed garages and damaged vehicles as a result of the collapse. Normally two deductibles would apply. This program views this as a single loss and allows you to pay only one deductible, saving you hundreds.

Child “Car Seat” Replacement

If a car seat is damaged during a covered loss, this program helps replace it.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge/Replacement

This program will pay to recharge or replace portable fire extinguishers if they have been used to fight a fire in the covered home.

So often it is the little details you don’t even think about that can make a big difference at the time of a loss.

If you are interested in the Household Rewards Program, or other benefits of combining your home and auto policies with one insurance company, call us at 888-850-9400.


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