You are now a Homeowner…CONGRATULATIONS!

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Whether this is your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, owning a home is an exciting experience. While you are settling in or planning this year’s spring cleaning projects, this is the perfect time to make sure the following is in place to help protect your investment.

Move into your home within 30 days – If you are planning on decorating or remodeling before moving in, you should be aware there are limitations on the coverage for vandalism, glass breakage, and freezing of pipes if the home is not occupied for 30 days or more. If you plan to rent the home out rather than move into it make sure you obtain a dwelling fire policy rather than a homeowner policy.

Filing a Declaration of Homestead, protects home owners against most claims that arise for the payment of debts (attachment, seizure, execution on judgment, levy, or sale) to the extent of $500,000 per residence, per family. Click here to obtain the necessary form and learn more about the Homestead Protection Law, or contact the Registry of Deeds in your county.

Create and post an Emergency Check List – list all emergency contacts. Be sure to include the electrician, plumber, and furnace repair specialists you plan on using. Post this information in a central location that is visible and easy to find.

Make sure everyone in the household knows where the access to shut off valves and switches are. In the case of an emergency you may need to shut off your furnace, your power, or your water quickly.

Video document the contents of your home. At the time of a loss, it is tough to remember everything you valued in the home. By using a video camera, it is easy to walk around the home capturing all of your items room by room. Open drawers and closets to video tape the contents, and zoom in on the serial numbers of bigger items (i.e., televisions, appliances). Store the video footage off the premises in a secure place or safe deposit box.

These are a few simple, but important, measures to help insure your Home Sweet Home.

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  1. Thanks… great to know!

  2. Thank you for the great idea to video tape all of our personal belongings! Just incase………………….

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