Who is Operating Your Vehicle?

May 18, 2011 at 10:41 AM | Posted in Auto | 1 Comment
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In the past, only the drivers in your household had to be listed on your auto policy.  This is no longer true.  Now anyone operating your vehicle(s) should be listed on your personal auto policy in order to ensure coverage at the time of a claim. 

Insurance companies look at three things when settling a claim where an operator responsible for the loss is not listed on the vehicle’s insurance policy:

  1. Does this operator have their own *Massachusetts personal auto policy, or are they being rated on another person’s policy, (i.e. parent’s policy)? *see below
  2. How often does this person operate the vehicle? 
  3. Would this operator have made a difference in the premium of this policy if they were listed (i.e. someone with incidents on their driving record, or an inexperienced driver)?

Situations arise where claims are denied because operators are not listed correctly on policies. If you are not sure if you should list someone as an operator, call us to discuss your situation at 888-850-9400.

*Individuals who have their own personal Massachusetts auto policy will be deferred from the rating on your policy.  If they are not listed on a personal Massachusetts auto policy, you must list them on your policy before you let them operate your vehicle(s).


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  1. Had better add my co-pilot on that next long road trip!
    Thanks for this tip.

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