You Use an Umbrella to Protect You from the Rain…

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Do you have an umbrella policy to protect your assets and future earnings? Insurance policies are designed to respond in the event of an unexpected catastrophic loss by replacing your damaged property, and also protecting you from liability against others. Basic policies normally cover liability defense costs, but once the policy limits have been exhausted the insurance company is not obligated to cover you for the rest of your defense or any judgments against you. Juries are awarding multi-million dollar settlements these days.

Everyone has some degree of liability exposure. Your individual circumstances and lifestyle determine how much exposure you have. Do you own a home? Pool? Entertain? Have children and/or pets? Have a teen driver in the household? Own a recreational vehicle or boat? Do you or your children socialize or post comments on the internet? These are just some examples of increased liability exposures.

An umbrella policy provides excess liability coverage in increments of $1,000,000 over your existing personal liability that is provided by homeowner, automobile, and watercraft policies. Umbrella policies offer worldwide coverage and are relatively inexpensive.

Don’t let an unexpected incident leave you working to pay someone else for the rest of your life, call us at 888-850-9400 to discuss your options today.


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