Windshield Safety

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Visibility is one of the most obvious windshield safety concerns.  Grime buildup on the windshield can affect visibility, especially after dusk, and it can also increase glare when driving into bright sun.  Make sure your windows are clear of dirt, frost, ice, snow, and fog before heading out.  Don’t forget to clear the side and rear windows as well for a good view of other vehicles approaching from behind.

Effective wiper blades are essential for good visibility in inclement weather.  Make sure your windshield wipers are the correct type for the season, replacing them when necessary during regular tune-ups, and always keep your washer wells filled.

Less obvious than visibility, but equally important, is windshield integrity.  The windshield is a critical part of a vehicle’s safety system.  Airbags rely on the windshield in order to deploy properly.  If a vehicle rolls over, the windshield can help keep the roof from caving in.

When a windshield needs replacement or repair, choose a qualified shop with certified technicians.  Keep in mind that there are shops who offer drive-through service and others that come directly to you.  Here’s a tip to remember: Ask if they heat the adhesive before application – that’s a sure sign it’s a high quality product. Once a windshield is replaced, you should not drive the vehicle until the adhesive has fully cured.  Temperature and humidity significantly affect how quickly it sets.  Your technician should be able to tell you what the safe driveaway time is given the day’s climatic conditions.

Stay properly shielded and stay safe. Your customer service representative can provide you with a list of approved repair shops and answer any questions you may have. Call us at 888.850.9400 and we’ll take the guess-work out of any decisions you are trying to make.


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