Common Winter Claim Coverage Gaps

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The crisp autumn days and cool nights are a reminder that winter months are closing in fast, promising to deliver wind, snow, and ice storms. This is the perfect time to review your policies, to make sure you have the coverage you need before the first winter storm.  Special Coverage for Personal Property: Warmer sunny days and freezing cold nights cause ice dams.  Your Homeowner policy will cover the damage an ice dam causes to your home, but the contents inside your home will not be covered for any resulting water damage.  In order to cover your contents you want to make sure you carry the Special Coverage Personal Property Endorsement.   Debris Removal: Storms are nature’s way of trimming the trees, leaving debris in your yard after strong winds, and snow or ice storms.  Your Homeowner policy will respond to tree limbs and branches that damage a structure, but it does not cover the debris left in your yard after a storm.  That is considered property maintenance.  In order to get coverage for this type of loss you need to have the Debris Removal Endorsement, which is offered by most companies.  This provides a certain dollar amount to help you with the cost to clean up large amounts of debris left behind after a major storm.  Refrigerated Food Coverage: We have learned to expect power outages after a storm.  Power outages that last for several days will cause food in refrigerators and freezers to go bad.  Homeowner policies exclude this coverage, but most will offer the Refrigerated Food Coverage Endorsement. When available, a deductible would apply.  Autos: Slippery roads are a leading cause of auto accidents during the winter.  If you want coverage for your vehicle – even if you are at fault in an accident – you want to make sure you have collision coverage on your auto policy.  You also want to check your property damage to others limit as well to make sure that is adequate.  In order to get coverage for tree limbs that fall and damage your vehicle, you will want to add comprehensive coverage.  This is also a great time to make sure you have rental car coverage when you need to rent a vehicle while your car is tied up in repairs due to a covered loss.  Call The Protector Group and make sure you have the proper coverage you need to be prepared for whatever New England weather comes our way.

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