Do You Have Pets? Your Insurance May Also Include Them.

October 3, 2012 at 9:01 AM | Posted in Auto, Insurance Policy, Personal Insurance | Leave a comment
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Pets can be a major part of our lives. They give great joy, and most people consider them to be family members. Just like with any other family member, situations can develop that may require you to file a claim or obtain additional or special insurance to ensure all parties involved are properly covered.

It is important to know how your policies would respond to different scenarios that involve your pets:

  • Injured while Occupying Your Vehicle. An un-endorsed auto policy does not provide any coverage for a pet injured while occupying a vehicle due to an auto accident. Some endorsement packages that can be added to your auto insurance will pay up to $500 for veterinary fees for injuries to your cat or dog as a result of being in your vehicle during an auto accident, and up to $500 for burial if they pass on as a result of those injuries.
  • Hit by a Vehicle. If your dog or cat is hit by a vehicle, the property damage coverage on that vehicle’s policy would provide some coverage for the veterinarian bills if the driver is found liable. Whenever possible, get the plate number of a vehicle that hits your animal.
  • Causing Bodily Injury or Harm. If you have a dog that bites someone, your home, renter, or condo policy will respond with medical payments coverage to cover the hospital bills. If necessary, they will respond to a lawsuit. However, don’t be surprised if the insurance company decides not to insure that dog into the future.
  • Damage to Your Home or Personal Belongings. Damage caused by animals is always excluded.

Review your insurance policies to make sure all of your family members are protected, including the furry ones

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