Understanding the Claims Process

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Filing a claim can be stressful and time consuming.  That is why we have a dedicated Claims Advisor on staff to help navigate you through the claims process. Knowing what to expect and what is expected of you alleviates a lot of the stress and help things run smoothly.  Here are the common steps in the claim process:

Auto Claims

  1. File the claim by calling your Agent or the Insurance Company directly.
  2. Get an appraisal of damages – If you carry collision coverage, arrangements will be made to see your vehicle within 3 to 5 business days.  If you go to a “drive-in appraiser” you can usually be seen sooner.
  3. Once the vehicle has been appraised you will be contacted by the Insurance Claim Adjuster and receive a copy of the appraisal with a list of preferred repair shops. The deductible could be held pending a determination of liability, however, if liability has been determined in your favor, your deductible will not be held.
  4. If you take the vehicle to a preferred repair shop to be repaired, the work is guaranteed.  If you go to a non-preferred repair shop, the work cannot be guaranteed at the same rate on the appraisal and you could have out-of-pocket expenses.
  5. At this time, any rental coverage would be approved based on the number of days the vehicle will be in the shop.  If you do not have rental coverage and the other party is at fault, a third-party claim would need to be set up for rental with the other company.
  6. You can set up a direction to pay with the repair shop and the Insurance Company will pay them directly.  Otherwise, you will receive a check.
  7. When the repairs of the vehicle have been completed, a repair Certification form or visual inspection may be required.

Home Claims

  1. Take whatever steps are necessary to minimize the damage in the affected area of loss.
  2. If immediate professional cleanup is required to prevent further damage due to fire, water, soot, or any other type of claim you can contact a restoration company directly.
  3. File the claim by calling your Agent or the Insurance Company directly.
  4. The adjuster should make contact with you within 24-48 hours to get a statement and make sure arrangements have been made for any necessary cleanup.
  5. Home claims are always settled on an Actual Cash Value basis even if you carry Replacement Cost.  Your initial check will be for the Actual Cash Value and once the repair or replacement is complete you would submit receipts and be reimbursed for the difference between the actual cash value and the replacement cost.
  6. A final inspection of the completed repairs may be required.

If you have questions concerning your claims coverage, contact Protector Group at 888-850-9400. No matter what type of claim you have, whether it is large or small, our Claims Advisor is on staff and ready to help you.

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