Earthquake Preparedness

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Earthquakes are not uncommon in the Northeast. In fact, 40 to 50 earthquakes are detected each year in this region. Unlike other areas of the country where earthquakes occur along known fault lines, Northeast earthquakes do not necessarily happen along the faults that exist. Even though it is not certain what causes earthquakes in the Northeast, we can be sure that earthquakes will continue to occur here. Unfortunately, most of the structures built are not designed to withstand the impacts of an earthquake and could sustain thousands of dollars in structural damage.

Earthquakes, or any kind of land movement, are always excluded under a property policy. This exclusion applies to both your structure and your contents. A moderate earthquake could cause your foundation to crack or personal items to be broken, and without an Earthquake Endorsement added to your policy you would not be covered for the loss.

Earthquake coverage can vary slightly by company, and most endorsements have a minimum deductible of 5% of the dwelling coverage. The rate is determined by how your home is built (i.e. brick, frame, etc.).

Be prepared before the next earthquake. Call Protector Group Insurance at 888-850-9400 with any questions and to add this coverage to your policy.


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