Winter Ice Dams Require “Special” Insurance Coverage

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The January thaw has arrived, and winter is far from over. We can expect the weather to warm up off and on from week to week. After every storm, make sure you remove any snow from the edges of your roof as soon as possible. When the snow melts from sunshine and warmer temperatures, it can re-freeze during the next cold blast and during the cold nights and cause ice dams. This can not only ruin your roof, but can cause major leaks and destroy the interior of your home as well.

When hiring outside help to remove snow, remember to make sure they are properly insured.

Now is the perfect time to call and review your policy to make sure you have “special” coverage on your contents, because a standard homeowner policy does not automatically include this coverage. Without additional coverage, if an ice dam should happen, your contents are not covered from any damage caused by water seeping in from the outside of your home.

Call Protector Group Insurance at 888-850-9400 with any questions you may have regarding the prevention of ice dams or to discuss your specific insurance coverage concerns.

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