Purchasing A Vehicle From Out-of-State?

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 If you live in Massachusetts and you purchase a vehicle out-of-state, there are things you should be aware of before you sign on the dotted line. Knowing the following facts will help you put you behind the wheel with fewer delays:  

Massachusetts does not recognize temporary plates. 

  1. This means if you are getting new plates, you will need to get the vehicle registered in Massachusetts before driving it off the dealer’s lot from another state
  2. When transferring plates from an old vehicle you are using as a trade, you can attach your current plate to the new vehicle. You’ll have 7 days to get the paperwork processed at the Massachusetts registry from the date you sign the title on the new car. 
  3. In most cases, the paperwork can be sent overnight to your agency, and once the new vehicle is registered in Massachusetts, arrangements can be made for the plates to be delivered to you promptly.

Most states require the dealer to collect the sales tax

  1. In Massachusetts, the Registry of Motor Vehicles collects the sales tax at the time you register the vehicle. This may require you to pay sales tax in the state you purchase the vehicle and again in Massachusetts, then you may apply for a rebate from the state you purchased the vehicle in. 
  2. Before you buy, check with the dealer in the state you are purchasing to see if they require the sales tax payment be made to them.

You will be required to get a Safety Inspection within 7 days of registering a vehicle in Massachusetts.

For the most part, the paperwork required to complete a sales transaction outside Massachusetts is the same paperwork that would be required if you purchased a vehicle here. Out-of-state vehicle purchases usually take a little longer than in-state purchases simply due to the mailing turn-around time. Depending on your particular situation, the transaction could take up to one week or more before you are able to legally drive your new car.   

If you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle outside of Massachusetts, call Protector Group at 888-850-9400 and we can work out the details ahead of time.


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