Mulch Fire-Safety Massachusetts Regulations

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As you start cleaning out your gardens and putting in a layer of mulch to prevent those weeds from growing, there are many types of mulch you could use.  The most common is wood product mulch.  It keeps the weeds away, your plants cool through the summer and warm through the spring and fall.

Unfortunately, wood product mulch is combustible.   After a rash of fires in large buildings and millions of dollars in property damage, a new Massachusetts state regulation was put into place last fall.  The regulation prohibits those who own a building from placing mulch less than 18 inches away from a structure’s wall.  Residential buildings with less than six units are exempt.

Even when your property is exempt, it is still a good idea to follow the regulations to be sure you don’t put your home at risk.  The following tips will help you safely mulch your property:

  • Place mulch no less than 18 inches away from a building’s wall.
  • Use stone or crushed rock for the first 18” as a barrier around your foundation.
  • Space mulch piles 30 feet apart and keep them 25 feet away from a property line.

For more information on this regulation please visit:

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