Safety Tips for Winter Driving

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New England weather is unpredictable.  This time of year you can expect everything from rain, snow, sleet, fog, and treacherous black ice.  The following tips can help you prepare for whatever this winter obstacles you encounter:

  1. Know the road – Remember where icing tends to occur such as bridges, intersections, or anywhere water tends to pool. When traveling on unfamiliar routes, use extra caution.
  2. Tire Maintenance – Using quality tires will help avoid hydroplaning. Hydroplaning and fish-tailing occur when water, snow, and ice comes in contact between your tires and the road.  Replace your tires, making sure the treads are not worn. Whenever possible, equip your vehicle with winter tires, and remember to remove them before the temperature reaches a constant 45 degrees to get better wear out of them.
  3. Spare Tire – Make sure you have all the appropriate equipment and safety signals ready, and your spare tire is pumped up and ready to go in case you need to fix a flat.
  4. Windows – Make sure you check your windshield wipers, replacing the blades if necessary. Check your washer system and fill with anti-icing fluid.  Clean the inside of your windows and apply a water shedding material such as Rain-X to the outside of all your windows.  This will help improve your visibility in the heavy rain, sleet, or snow.
  5. Headlights and Taillights – These lights keep you visible in heavy snow, rain, and fog.  Make sure each light is working and the lenses are not pitted. Double-check to ensure your brake lights are working properly.
  6. Braking – Remember when using antilock brakes on slippery roads you should stomp on the brake pedal and when you feel the pulses in the pedal or hear the braking system working, ease up slightly on the pedal until the pulsing happens only once a second.
  7. Training Courses – Consider taking an advanced driver training course, such as In Control, to better    prepare for winter driving conditions and how to react in certain situations. These courses are designed to teach you what to do in situations such as black ice and how to steer while skidding.  Plus, you could receive a discount off most insurance for five years after you complete the course and some insurance companies even discount the cost of the course.

At Protector Group we want to keep you safe and properly covered! If you have questions or want additional information, call 888-850-9400.

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