Pothole Damage to Your Vehicle

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The extreme fluctuations in temperature this winter created more potholes than ever! Not only are there more of them, but many of them seem like mini sinkholes. If you’ve sustained damage to your vehicle from a pothole, there are some actions you can take:

  1. You can try filing one with the city or town where the damage occurred, but be aware that most of them will never pay out on a claim for pothole damage.
  2. Your auto insurance will cover pothole damage if you carry collision coverage. Keep in mind – your collision deductible will apply and you will be surcharged if the cost of the damages exceeds $500. Filing a claim under your
    auto insurance is a good idea only if the damage is extensive.
  3. A proactive option is to purchase the tire warranty at the time you buy tires for your vehicle. When you purchase a tire warranty, the tire manufacturer usually covers any repairs to the tire. However, the warranty will not cover damage to the tire rim or your vehicle. If you need to replace a tire that is under warranty, they will give you a credit for any remaining tread towards the new tire. This is especially important if you have all wheel drive and don’t have the option of replacing just one tire at a time.

The best way to prevent pothole damage is to keep your speed down and avoid the pothole altogether. Some cities and towns have hotlines that you can call to report pothole locations, which is a great start to repairing some of some of the worst potholes out there.

Drive safely and steer clear of those pesky craters in the roads.


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