Tips To Avoid a Damp Basement

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As winter gives way to warmer weather, we can expect a lot of water and dampness with the spring thaw.  If you have a basement, are you prepared for potential water seepage and dampness a basement might get?  Here are some tips to help you keep your basement dry:

  1. If water is getting into your basement after heavy rainstorms and melting, you may have inadequate drainage around your house.  A sump pump may be necessary to keep this water from flooding your basement. Check the sump pump often to make sure it is working properly and nothing is obstructing it.  Extending downspouts at least 3 to 4 feet away from the house and installing a drainage ditch to carry water safely away from the house could help your situation.
  2. Most new foundations are sealed with from moisture on the outside of the foundation wall, but older foundations can absorb moisture from the ground and release it up into your basement. Using waterproofing masonry paint to ‘dry-lock’ and seal up the surface pores can help block moisture from seeping through the walls.
  3. Dryers, basement bathrooms, and windows that let in humid air can contribute to the dampness in a basement.  Make sure all dryer vents and bathrooms fans vent to the outside.
  4. Run a dehumidifier during the damp months to keep the dampness away.

Dampness does not only annoy, it can become harmful to your health if it is allowed to go untreated.  Unfortunately, a standard home owner policy will not cover ground water seepage or flood and there are limits on mold damage.  However, there is some coverage available for sump pump failure and backup of sewers or drains. If you are in an area that is prone to flooding, we suggest you purchase a flood policy.  Call Protector Group to make sure you have all available coverage before an issue arises.


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