Summer Vehicle Rentals

May 28, 2014 at 12:19 PM | Posted in Rental Vehicles | Leave a comment
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Do your summer plans involve renting a vehicle?  Whether it is a U-Haul truck, motor home, party van, or a passenger car while on vacation, you should know if your personal auto insurance policy will cover the rented vehicle.

Here are some scenarios you may want to think about before renting:

U-Haul Trucks – Your personal auto policy will not cover this type of vehicle.  The vehicle you rent must be similar to the vehicle you insure on your policy in order to be covered.  If the rental agent offers insurance coverage you should take it.

Party Van – These types of vans or small buses usually hold 12 or more people.  If it does not meet the description of a private passenger auto then it is not covered under your policy.

Motor Homes – They are not covered under your personal auto policy unless you own a motor home and it is listed on your policy as a covered vehicle.  If you need to rent a replacement motor home, the carrier will usually extend some coverage to the rental.  Check with your agent to be sure.

Private Passenger Vehicle – If you are renting a private passenger vehicle, the coverage from your personal auto policy will extend to the rental.  However, your auto policy only covers physical damage for actual cash value.  The rental agency will hold you responsible for full replacement value of the vehicle should there be a loss. Some insurance companies are now offering that coverage for rental vehicles as an endorsement to your personal auto policy.  Check with your agent to see if you can add it to your policy for year round coverage, rather than paying the daily insurance price at the rental agency rate.

No matter what type of vehicle you plan on renting, it is a good idea to check with your agent to make sure you know how your personal auto policy will respond before you sign the rental agreement.


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