Boating Safety

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Ahoy there! The summer months will guarantee the appearance of boats and watercraft out on the water ways. You can help to guarantee your safety by following these tips:

  • Always wear a life jacket while boating. Even the strongest swimmer can get caught in a situation they didn’t count on and a life jacket could make the all difference.
  • Don’t drink alcohol while boating. It is tempting being out in the hot sun enjoying a beverage, but drinking and boating is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Appoint a designated driver.
  • Sign up for the Vessel Safety Check Program. This program offered by the US Coastguard is free and is designed to make boating as safe as possible. For more information visit
  • Check the weather. The weather can change at a moment’s notice, and you don’t want to be caught off guard.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher approved to put out fires that are gas based or other flammable liquids on board.
  • Follow the proper boating navigation rules. Visit to get the basic information you need to help you navigate the waters, interact with other boats on the water, and how to handle special situations such as bridges and locks.
  • Make sure you have the insurance coverage you need to protect yourself and your boat. Whether you own it or rent it, your insurance agent can help you get the coverage you need especially for unique situations like water skiing and tubing.

Whatever type of boat you have, whether it uses an engine or a paddle, it is important to follow all the rules. Always take the time to perform a safety inspection on your watercraft before taking it out on the water with your family, and friends.


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