Swimming Safety

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It’s official — pool season is here!  During the warm, humid weather it is lots of fun to go swimming, but make sure you don’t throw caution to the wind when cooling off in the water. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe:

  • Become CPR certified.
  • Always swim with a buddy – never swim alone.
  • When in a public pool or lake, only swim in designated areas that are supervised by lifeguards.
  • Maintain constant supervision, especially for children.
  • Keep a swimming emergency kit handy that consists of: first aid kit, floatation device, charged cell phone, and a pair of scissors to cut hair, clothing, or a pool cover if needed.
  • Make sure everyone in your family learns to swim well and learns what to do in the case of rip tides.
  • Make sure anyone that is not a strong swimmer wears a life jacket.
  • Make sure the appropriate safe guards are installed in your home pool such as door alarms, window guards, and locking pool gates.
  • Make sure your pool or spa is in good working order and has the proper drain covers.
  • If a child goes missing, check the water first!
  • Protect your skin with a good sunscreen and re-apply frequently throughout the day.

Whether your summer includes swimming in your backyard pool, at the local swimming hole, or the town pool make sure you and your loved ones stay safe. Most swimming-related accidents are preventable.


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