Protect Your Home from Lightning Claims

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Summer is the season that brings most thunder and lightning storms causing potential dangers. When lightning strikes, it can damage appliances and electronics within your home. The following tips may help you should you encounter a lightning strike:

Preparing for the storm:

  • Have a professional electrician install a lightning protection system. This system provides a path for the lightning current to travel safely to the ground should your home be struck.
  • An electrician might also install surge arresters to your utility service and telephone equipment to prevent surges from entering your home on power and telephone lines.
  • Install surge protectors on outlets in which computers and other electronic equipment are plugged in reducing the possibility of damage.

What to do if lightning strikes your home:

  • In a severe strike, make sure everyone is accounted for and immediately evacuate the house.
  • Call 911. The fire department is dispatched in cases of lightning strikes.
  • The fire department will use thermal imaging cameras to make sure there are no fires or hot spots in your walls.
  • Consult an electrician to make sure your wiring was not damaged.

Filing a claim for lightning:

  • Contact your agent as soon as possible to report the lighting strike.
  • Keep detailed records of all big-ticket purchase such as TVs and computers to show proof of ownership at the time of a claim.
  • Keep receipts for any damaged items that you replace.
  • Keep the items that were damaged for the insurance company to inspect.

Appliances and electronics are not the only items that can be damaged due to a lightning strike. Other items such as well pumps have been known to be damaged by lightning. If you have any questions on how your policy will respond to lightning contact your agent before a loss.

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