Home Maintenance Checklist

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Household claims are on the rise, and the causes are not what you would typically expect. These types of claims are the result of circumstances within the home that you wouldn’t think of until it happens to you.

Three common appliances require simple home maintenance checks that could help you avoid unusual losses:

  1. Refrigerators – Clean under and around your refrigerator to help it operate at its peak efficiency during these hot summer days, and check the hose if you have an ice maker. A lot of refrigerators have built-in ice makers and the hose runs from the plumbing in the sink to the back of the freezer. These hoses should be checked or replaced on a regular basis to keep them in good working order and protect against unexpected leaks or damage to your home.
  2. Washing Machines – Check your washing machine hoses. The hoses from the water valve to the back of your washer have a life expectancy. Before they burst they might get a big goose egg in the weak spot that is getting ready to burst. If you have hoses that are wrapped in metal meshing, you should be okay. Check the hoses on the back of your washer to see if they are bulging or cracked. Get in the habit of checking them periodically or better yet shut off the water valve when you are not using the washer.
  3. Clothes Dryers – Remove the lint from your dryer using a lint brush to clean deep within the trap and vacuum the back of the dryer to eliminate as much lint as you can to prevent fire. Consider hiring a professional appliance repair company to perform routine cleanings to keep it working efficiently.

Sometimes the most common household conveniences cause the most inconvenient hassles once you neglect simple routine maintenance. Benjamin Franklin (the founder of American insurance) said himself: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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