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Removing snow and ice from your property is an important winter safety activity. How you remove the snow and ice is also very important. The following tips may help you properly maintain your home while preventing injuries to yourself and others:

  1. To prevent injuring yourself, warm up by doing ten minutes of stretches or light exercises. Dress in layers so that you can remove clothing if you become too hot. Wear waterproof boots with slip-resistant soles. Take a bottle of water with you and drink regularly so that you don’t become dehydrated. To avoid back strain while lifting shovels of snow, keep your back straight while bending your knees and squatting down with your legs apart. Carry the shovels of snow to where you want to place the snow instead of throwing it over your shoulder or to the side. Keep your arms close to your body rather than outstretched when carrying the snow.
  2. To prevent injuries to others, keep your driveway and walkways clear. Once the snow has been removed apply salt/sand to provide traction and help melt away any ice. Remove any hanging icicles from roof edges and gutters so that they don’t fall on anyone.
  3. To avoid traffic fines, be sure to remove snow and ice completely from your vehicle – including the roof – you’ll be protecting not only yourself but other motorists driving near you.
  4. To prevent home leaks and ice dams remove snow from your roof. The safest way to do this is from ground level using a rake. Don’t stand directly below the area that you are working on to avoid pulling the snow down on top of yourself. If you must go onto the roof to deal with the snow, get someone to act as a spotter. Wear boots with good traction or add boot chains and use a harness or rope for extra security.
  5. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, clear snow away from the vents around your home.

As always, it’s best to play it safe and hire a professional to remove snow around your home. However, if you have to do this task yourself, these tips may help keep you, your home, and others safe.

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