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We are now seeing claims for home water damage and the collapse of roofs due to the weight of snow and ice dams. The best way to prevent having damage to your home this time of year is with proactive maintenance. Please continue to keep these tips in mind to help you properly maintain your home while preventing injuries to yourself and others.

  1. To prevent home leaks and ice dams, remove snow from your roof. The safest way to do this is from ground level using a rake. Don’t stand directly below the area that you are working on, to avoid pulling the snow down on top of yourself. If you must go onto the roof to deal with the snow, get someone to act as a spotter. Wear boots with good traction, or add boot chains, and use a harness or rope for extra security.
  2. To prevent ventilation issues, clear snow away from all vents, including any on the roof and around your foundation.
  3. To avoid collapse of flat roofs and decks, shovel them often to keep the weight at a minimum.

We recommend the hiring of a professional to remove snow around your home. However, if you wish to do this task yourself, these tips may help you continue to stay safe through the winter. If you have questions about your Homeowners insurance concerning winter damage, please feel free to contact us at 888-850-9400.

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