SPRING Your Home From Winter’s Wrath…

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After this winter’s extremely cold temperatures and ridiculously large amounts of snow, it’s hard to believe the first day of spring is only ten days away. Many of us are wondering if we will get to see the crocus and daffodils this year, or will our lawns be white until July? Even though you may not be able to start cleaning up your yard, you can start de-winterizing your home. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Springtime tends to bring more rain than sunshine. Remove all debris from your gutters, drains, & spouts to allow for proper drainage. Inspect them for any issues that could lead to possible leaks that may cause water damage or toxic mold growth.
  • Your roof takes quite a beating in the winter months causing cracks and erosion to the shingles. Once it no longer has snow on it, inspect if from the ground for any missing or damaged shingles. Also check for any damaged flashing around plumbing vents, skylights, and chimneys. Make any necessary repairs to prevent wood rot that could eventually lead to leaks or other issues.
  • Use a screwdriver to probe the wood trim around doors, windows, railings, and decks. Wood compresses with the cold air causing gaps for water and snow to seep into. Repair any damaged trim to avoid wood rot that could result in leaks or creating a welcome habitat for insect infestation.
  • Check outside faucets for freeze damage.
  • If you have a central air conditioning system, arrange for a qualified heating & cooling contractor to clean and service the outside unit. Annual service calls will keep the system working at its peak performance. Also be sure to change the interior filters regularly.

With each season change, we suggest you review your insurance policies, and we always recommend you hire professional contractors to make any major repairs and perform regular maintenance inspections to your home.


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