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There are days it seems that our society is on edge more than ever. One of the symptoms of many people’s anxiety & frustration is aggressive driving. Aggressive drivers endanger others by doing things like tailgating, switching lanes and making turns without using a turn signal, cutting people off when switching lanes, and keeping their high beams on when there is oncoming traffic.

Every time you get behind the wheel, defensive driving and eliminating distractions should come into play. By being alert and watching what others are doing, you help protect yourself and your passengers from harm should you encounter an aggressive driver.

If you do encounter an aggressive driver, it is strongly recommended that you never confront them. Fueling their aggression can turn into road rage which, in the past, has resulted in bodily injuries and deaths.

Here are a few suggestions on the best way to handle aggressive drivers:

  • Keep calm and do your best to get out of their way.
  • Avoid eye contact, blowing your horn at them, or responding rudely in return.
  • Do not challenge them by speeding up, blocking them, or tailgating them.

Allowing an aggressive driver’s anger to not affect you can be difficult and allowing a situation to escalate into road rage is never worth it in the end.

Help keep safety a priority at all times: “Stay alert, you won’t get hurt.” – and – “A little courtesy won’t kill you.” are great safety slogans to recall whenever you are behind the wheel.

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