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It is that time of year again. The motorcycles, campers, and collector cars and other recreational vehicles are starting to make an appearance now that the weather is better. Here are some insurance reminders before you take them out:

Motorcycles: If you decreased your coverage when you put your motorcycle away last winter, don’t forget to increase coverage before taking a ride. When deciding what coverage to put on your motorcycle, Medical Payments is very important to you and anyone that is on your bike at the time of an accident.

Campers: They can be covered under your auto policy, but you will get much better coverage at a comparable price if you insure your camper on a travel trailer policy. It includes things like towing and roadside assistance, accessory coverage for awnings, etc… and campsite liability if stationary.

Collector Cars: If you have a classic or collector car that is at least 15 years old, you will want to make sure you have collector car insurance coverage. The coverage is designed for the special needs of the car collector. It covers everything your regular auto policy will cover in the event of a loss but the method of determining the value is an agreed value rather than an actual cash value — there is no reduction taken for depreciation. Since a collector or classic car is only driven for a short period of time each year, the premium is usually much lower than a regular auto policy.
Off Road Vehicles: Whether you drive an ATV or a golf cart, you could potentially injure someone or cause property damage. You need coverage that will respond to any situation. Some of the extras on a recreational vehicle policy include: Equipment coverage, helmet and safety apparel, and trailer coverage.

Watercraft: Boats of all sizes and jet skis need the proper coverage as well. Physical damage to the vessel, liability to other boaters, medical payments, and trailer coverage are just some of the coverages available under a watercraft policy.

No matter what your passion is, make sure you and your family are protected with the right coverage before you experience a loss.


Part II – A Guide to Optional Coverages on Your Auto Policy

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Last week we explained the mandatory parts of your auto insurance policy.  Here is a breakdown of the optional bodily injury and liability parts of your policy.

Part 5.   OPTIONAL BODILY INJURY TO OTHERS:  Extends Part 1 to include damages to people injured or killed by your auto beyond Massachusetts to anywhere in the United States, its territories and possessions, and Canada. This includes passengers in your auto. You could be sued and may be liable for much more than the $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident limits required under Bodily Injury to Others (part 1).  Buying higher limits under this part may make good sense if you have assets you wish to protect.

Part 6.   MEDICAL PAYMENTS:  Pays for medical expenses for you, your household members, and passengers over and above amounts covered by Personal Injury Protection (part 2) no matter who causes the accident.

Part 12.  BODILY INJURY CAUSED BY AN UNDERINSURED MOTORIST:  Protects you, your household members, and your passengers, unless they have a policy of their own or are covered by a Massachusetts auto policy of another household member with similar coverage.  The accident must be caused by someone without enough bodily injury coverage.  This coverage pays you up to the difference between the total amount collected from the bodily injury liability insurance covering the owner and driver of the other car, and the limits you purchased for this coverage.  Since many people only buy the minimum required amounts for Bodily Injury to Others, selecting higher limits may protect you from incurring high personal injury expenses.  You may purchase coverage up to, but no more than, the limits of Bodily Injury to Others coverage you carry – you cannot insure yourself for more than you insure others.

Remember, only you can determine which coverages you should carry to protect yourself based on your financial situation. If you would like additional information on what coverage options are available to you, contact us at 1-888-850-9400.

Next week we will go over the physical damage options available and how collision covers more than your vehicle.

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