Mice, and ants, and squirrels… Oh my!

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Due to this year’s mild winter, the insects and vermin are already on the prowl. Did you know that there is no coverage from your Homeowner policy for damage to your home caused by birds, vermin, rodents, or insects? It is up to the Homeowner to take precautions to prevent this type of damage.

Here are some helpful tips on how to do this:

  • Keep wood piles away from foundations and buildings.
  • Install screens over openings such as attic vents.
  • Have an exterminator treat your home each spring.
  • Check screens and seals on doors and windows for possible gaps or tears.
  • Seal cracks in foundations, exterior walls, and fascia boards.
  • Store foods such as cereals, grains, rice, and other pantry items in airtight containers.

Taking these simple measures can help prevent out-of-pocket expenses for costly repairs, and let you enjoy the early Spring.


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